Baltic Amber Collars
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Baltic Amber Collars

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Mo + Lo Naturals was founded for a simple reason: to provide a natural, chemical-free, and effective way to repel fleas and ticks that’s safe for the entire family. Our Baltic Amber Collars are made from 100% certified, authentic, and lab tested amber and comes directly from the source of origin in Lithuania. Harness the power of nature to protect your pet with Mo + Lo Naturals. How It Works

● Electrostatic Energy - Raw, unpolished Baltic Amber creates a slight static charge when rubbed against fur. This makes it difficult for bugs to stick on.
● Resinous Terpenes - Although unnoticeable to us, Baltic Amber gives off a resinous smell that defers fleas and ticks from our pets.
● Added benefit - Baltic Amber has natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain relieving) properties. As pets wear the collar, it will begin to feel these added benefits. Amber collars are very popular for teething babies!

Suggested Use
● The amber takes about 2 weeks to begin working. Please use alternative flea and tick remedies in the meantime (we recommend all-natural brands!).
● Avoid spraying substances directly on the amber beads. This can alter the effectiveness.
● Clean the amber with warm water and let air dry.
● Many customers diffuse essential oils on the leather for added benefits. Please only use essential oils that are safe for pets.
● Once a collar loses it’s raw, unpolished look, it’s time for a new one to stay effective. This can be anywhere from 2-9 months.
● Do NOT use it as a regular collar, think of it as a necklace rather than a restraining device.

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